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Welcome to the reviews page for The Ska Man. If you have seen the show, please would you mind taking a couple of minutes and leaving a review. The reviews are a great way for bookers and venues to get an idea of the quality of an act, so your time is very much appreciated. Thank you.
Fantastic show at the Stumble Inn last night, highly recommend seeing this act, best I have seen on the island. Amazingly sung for 2 hours straight meaning we danced for 2 hours straight. Best night I have had out here in 12 years. Thanks for a fab night
Natasha Fitzwater - July 16 2019


Amazing act super talented and a laugh a minute
Melvyn Mclean - March 26th 2020
Brilliant singer and entertainer!
Pete Lutz - March 23rd 2020
The utter madness ska show was great.
Mark Mann - June 22nd 2019
Entertainment ska man is a must. The best entertainment in Protaras.
Ron B - October 2nd 2019
A great night out, especially Ska Man.
DR Barnard - September 29th 2019
Saturday night we went to watch a ska man do madness songs and other ska music he was brilliant
Riley 1967 - August 19th 2019
The entertainment put on made a great night even better especially The Ska Man.
Mrs Kinger - May 30th 2019
We went to see Ska man one evening here and we have seen him before but this was a fantastic place to see an act with such a fantastic atmosphere
Stevo Andy - November 6th 2018
The Ska Man was amazing with Madness, Specials and for all the fat, bald guys who got their tops off Bad Manners.
Wills38 - September 6th 2017
The ska man who got the place rocking. brilliant night.
DudleyLR - August 2017
The Ska Man on a Thursday was the best night we had on our stay.
145Annies - August 2017
total entertainment and magic tunes
Richard Mcleish - March 29th 2020
What can I say! I saw you at the Summer madness venue yesterday and was blown away...did you travel all the way from Farmagusta to perform?
Pauline Bishop - April 28th 2019
Performed at Louis Imperial Hotel last night excellent great fun hot everyone up singing and dancing.
Sandra Wood - March 25th 2019
just seen ska man at the Louis Imperial beach, absolutely fab, 45 mins is not long enough.
Gill Mereday- March 24th 2019
Brilliant performer!!! A show not to be missed.
Lou Taylor - February 23rd 2019
Saw Ska man AGAIN in Rockafellas last night. He is bluddy fantastic. The absolute best entertainer in Protaras.. 98% of them are chronic..cant dance or sing...even though they do try! This guy has people dancing from the second he opens his mouth. A pure and utter talent and year after year when we return we pray he's still here. BRILLIANT!!!
Tracey Curaba - September 10 2017
Saw this guy at the Atlantic Aeneas Hotel In Nissi Beach last week. Didn't know he was gonna be playing, so unexpected and welcome evening. Did loads of my favourites, great entertainer all round. Easily the best night I had at the hotel, thanks
Paul Lynch - May 3rd 2017
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