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Coming later this year is The Ska Man International's very first EP. In collaboration with musician Ryan Ailano, this EP will bring 4 exciting new cover versions acoustically.

'Laid Bare' will feature one original track and 4 covers.

The acoustic style will bring a brand new dynamic to the tracks and offer a chilled-out experience for the avid Ska listener.

'Laid Bare will be available on Bandcamp once released.
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We recently announced a major rebranding of the show. For the last 8 years, the show has been known as The Ska Man Cyprus, however, it has been rebranded and will now be known as The Ska Man International.

This decision has been made due to the fact that he will be undertaking a major winter tour in the UK. It seems a logical and natural progression to call the show International in order to embrace the many places he performs.
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